Title: Your Guide to Hassle-Free Property Rentals in Guwahati – No Brokers, No Hassles!


Welcome to www.propertymanagementindia.in, your go-to destination for seamless and broker-free property rentals in Guwahati. Whether you’re in search of a cozy 1 RK, a spacious 4 BHK, an Assam type house, a luxurious villa, or a modern apartment, we’ve got you covered in various localities across the city. Say goodbye to brokerage and welcome hassle-free living!

Localities We Serve:

Discover the perfect rental property in the following localities of Guwahati:

  1. Ajanta Path
  2. Ananda Nagar
  3. Ashok Path
  4. Azara
  5. Baghorbori Tiniali
  6. Bamunimaidan
  7. Basistha Chariali
  8. Beharbari Chariali
  9. Beltola
  10. Beltola Tiniali
  11. Bhangagarh
  12. Bharalumukh
  13. Bhetapara
  14. Bhubaneswar Barua Road
  15. Bishnu Rabha Path
  16. Borbari
  17. Chandmari
  18. Chatribari
  19. Chenikuthi
  20. Christian Basti
  21. Dharapur
  22. Dispur
  23. Dr Bhabendra Nath Saikia Path
  24. Fatasil Bazaar
  25. Gandhi Basti
  26. Ganesh Mandir Road
  27. Ganeshguri
  28. Garchuk
  29. Geetanagar
  30. GS Road
  31. Hatigaon
  32. Hengerabari
  33. Jalukbari
  34. Japorigog
  35. Jayanagar Road
  36. Jorpukhuri
  37. Juripar Path
  38. Jyotinagar Road
  39. Kahi Kuchi
  40. Kahilipara
  41. Kala Pahar
  42. Kedar Road
  43. Khanapara
  44. Kharghuli Hills
  45. KK Road
  46. Lakhimi Nagar
  47. Lal Ganesh
  48. Lokhra
  49. Maligaon
  50. Manik Nagar
  51. Mother Teresa Road
  52. Narengi Tinali
  53. Narikalbasti
  54. Noonmati
  55. Panjabari
  56. Pator Kuchi
  57. PNGB Road
  58. Rajgarh
  59. Rehabari
  60. RG Baruah Road
  61. Rukmini Gaon
  62. Rupnagar Road
  63. Sachal Road
  64. Sewali Path
  65. Silpukhuri
  66. Six Mile
  67. Sreenagar
  68. Tarun Nagar
  69. Ulubari
  70. Uzan Bazaar
  71. VIP Road
  72. Zoo Narengi Road
  73. Zoo Road

Why Choose www.propertymanagementindia.in?

  1. No Brokerage: Tired of hefty brokerage fees? We believe in fair and transparent dealings, ensuring you save more while renting your dream home.
  2. Wide Property Options: From budget-friendly 1 RKs to luxurious villas, explore a diverse range of rental properties that suit your preferences and lifestyle.
  3. Easy Navigation: Our user-friendly website makes it easy for tenants to navigate through property listings, find detailed information, and connect with property owners seamlessly.
  4. Local Expertise: With a dedicated focus on Guwahati, we understand the local real estate market intricately, providing you with valuable insights and guidance.
  5. Verified Listings: Trust is essential. We verify all property listings to ensure accuracy, giving you confidence in your rental choices.


Finding your ideal rental property in Guwahati has never been this easy. At www.propertymanagementindia.in, we are committed to simplifying the rental process, eliminating broker hassles, and helping you find the perfect home in the locality of your choice. Explore our listings today and embark on a stress-free journey to your new home in Guwahati!

  1. Ajanta Path: Serene and well-connected, Ajanta Path offers peaceful living with easy access to essential amenities.
  2. Ananda Nagar: Experience a harmonious blend of community living and modern conveniences in Ananda Nagar.
  3. Ashok Path: Discover the charm of Ashok Path, where residential tranquility meets the vibrancy of urban life.
  4. Azara: Azara, a perfect locale for those seeking a balance between suburban calmness and city accessibility.
  5. Baghorbori Tiniali: Immerse yourself in the local culture and convenience of Baghorbori Tiniali’s well-established residential pockets.
  6. Bamunimaidan: Enjoy the convenience of city living in Bamunimaidan, an area that reflects the pulse of Guwahati.
  7. Basistha Chariali: Basistha Chariali invites you to experience a peaceful residential haven surrounded by greenery.
  8. Beharbari Chariali: A bustling neighborhood, Beharbari Chariali boasts a range of housing options suitable for various lifestyles.
  9. Beltola: Beltola, where modernity meets tradition, offers an array of housing choices for discerning tenants.
  10. Beltola Tiniali: Live at the crossroads of convenience and comfort in Beltola Tiniali, a hub of residential and commercial activity.
  11. Bhangagarh: Bhangagarh, the heart of the city, provides a lively atmosphere with proximity to shopping, dining, and entertainment.
  12. Bharalumukh: Experience the historic charm of Bharalumukh, nestled along the banks of the Brahmaputra River.
  13. Bhetapara: Bhetapara offers a perfect blend of residential serenity and accessibility to major city landmarks.
  14. Bhubaneswar Barua Road: Explore the vibrant lifestyle along Bhubaneswar Barua Road, with its diverse residential and commercial offerings.
  15. Bishnu Rabha Path: Bishnu Rabha Path, a locality that combines cultural richness with modern living amenities.
  16. Borbari: Find your dream home in Borbari, where tranquility meets the convenience of urban living.
  17. Chandmari: Chandmari, a hub of educational and cultural institutions, offers a dynamic and vibrant living experience.
  18. Chatribari: Experience the historical charm of Chatribari, surrounded by iconic landmarks and cultural heritage.
  19. Chenikuthi: Chenikuthi, a residential oasis, provides a serene living environment with easy access to city conveniences.
  20. Christian Basti: Christian Basti, known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, offers a diverse range of housing options.
  21. Dharapur: Dharapur, a peaceful residential enclave, welcomes you with a perfect blend of simplicity and comfort.
  22. Dispur: As the capital’s locality, Dispur offers a mix of government offices, green spaces, and residential charm.
  23. Dr Bhabendra Nath Saikia Path: Dr Bhabendra Nath Saikia Path, an upcoming area, provides modern living with a touch of tranquility.
  24. Fatasil Bazaar: Fatasil Bazaar, a bustling marketplace, offers a lively and dynamic living experience.
  25. Gandhi Basti: Gandhi Basti, a centrally located area, provides a vibrant living environment with access to various amenities.
  26. Ganesh Mandir Road: Ganesh Mandir Road, known for its cultural significance, offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity.
  27. Ganeshguri: Ganeshguri, a commercial and residential hub, provides a modern lifestyle with proximity to shopping and entertainment.
  28. Garchuk: Garchuk, surrounded by greenery, offers a serene living environment away from the city’s hustle and bustle.
  29. Geetanagar: Geetanagar, known for its residential charm, invites you to experience a peaceful and harmonious living.
  30. GS Road: GS Road, the lifeline of Guwahati, offers a mix of commercial and residential spaces with unparalleled connectivity.
  31. Hatigaon: Hatigaon, a family-friendly locality, provides a peaceful living experience with essential amenities at your doorstep.
  32. Hengerabari: Hengerabari, a rapidly developing area, offers modern living options in close proximity to essential services.
  33. Jalukbari: Jalukbari, located along the Brahmaputra River, offers a picturesque setting with a range of housing choices.
  34. Japorigog: Japorigog, a lively locality, provides a blend of residential comfort and accessibility to city life.
  35. Jayanagar Road: Jayanagar Road, known for its residential tranquility, offers a range of housing options for different preferences.
  36. Jorpukhuri: Jorpukhuri, a historical neighborhood, invites you to explore its cultural richness and residential charm.
  37. Juripar Path: Juripar Path, an emerging locality, offers modern housing options with easy access to city conveniences.
  38. Jyotinagar Road: Jyotinagar Road, surrounded by greenery, provides a peaceful living experience with modern amenities.
  39. Kahi Kuchi: Kahi Kuchi, a serene residential area, offers a tranquil living environment away from the city’s hustle.
  40. Kahilipara: Kahilipara, a well-connected locality, provides a mix of residential options suitable for diverse lifestyles.
  41. Kala Pahar: Kala Pahar, nestled in nature’s beauty, offers a peaceful retreat with various housing choices.
  42. Kedar Road: Kedar Road, known for its residential charm, provides a serene living experience with essential amenities.
  43. Khanapara: Khanapara, a growing locality, offers a mix of residential options with easy access to city amenities.
  44. Kharghuli Hills: Kharghuli Hills, offering picturesque views, provides a serene living environment away from the city’s hustle.
  45. KK Road: KK Road, a well-established area, offers a mix of housing options suitable for different preferences.
  46. Lakhimi Nagar: Lakhimi Nagar, known for its residential tranquility, invites you to experience a peaceful living environment.
  47. Lal Ganesh: Lal Ganesh, a bustling locality, provides a dynamic living experience with various amenities at your doorstep.
  48. Lokhra: Lokhra, an upcoming residential area, offers modern living options with easy access to city conveniences.
  49. Maligaon: Maligaon, known for its railway connectivity, provides a mix of residential options with essential services nearby.
  50. Manik Nagar: Manik Nagar, a family-friendly locality, offers a peaceful living environment with essential amenities.
  51. Mother Teresa Road: Mother Teresa Road, known for its cultural significance, offers a blend of tradition and modernity.
  52. Narengi Tinali: Narengi Tinali, an emerging residential area, provides modern living options with essential services nearby.
  53. Narikalbasti: Narikalbasti, a serene residential enclave, offers tranquility with


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