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Rent is 10,000 . You pay 5,000 one time as brokerage(ie 50% of rent). You Save Rs 19,000 over a period of 1 year.Actual Rent is Rs 10,000 . You pay Rs 12,000 per month to save brokerage. You pay Rs 24,000 extra over a period of 1 year.
Lowest Security deposit guaranteedHigh Security Deposit
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Benefits of taking an honest broker 

What online house rent platforms won’t tell you. Read till end to know a harsh reality of “No brokerage property” and this whole hype in the market.

Area knowledge and expertise :
Q. Why do I need A broker in the first place?

A. A broker works in a particular area for many years, so he has the best area/location expertise than any other person. He knows what is best suited for an individual and so will help find the exact housing accommodation.  A broker customizes and finds a place according to your needs and demands.

Physical touchpoint:
Q. Why should I not opt for online property dealing platforms?

A. A broker has the upper hand of knowing the area and scanning it with his expert keen eyes. Unlike Nobroker. in,Olx, housing.com and other online platforms, a broker has physical presence in a particular area. He will be available for you, meeting your personal needs and demands for your home, listening to what you have to say and deliver the best choices he has to offer. He is of great help and will make sure you step into your dream home.
They spot good deals and match them with reliable customers.

Good relation with owner:
Q. Online connections are hassle free, then why should I take the advice of a broker?

A. Even before this online era , the brokers have been serving the city with their hard work. Their network of housing and renting is tremendous and updated every day hence they are able to build good relationships with the owners of a particular area/location.

Good negotiable deals:
Q. The prices shown in the online platforms are lesser than of a broker, why should I opt for one?

A. The rent is best negotiated between you and the owner by a broker only or else you end up paying way more higher than the property’s actual rent. Many charges in the online platforms are either not mentioned directly or are hidden. They later add up and eventually you end up paying way more than you pay a broker. With brokers, you not only are comfortable to state your demands but you also get good rent properties at your budget.


The Harsh Reality THAT THEY WON’T TELL!

Most of the no brokerage sites work on this principle:

They DO NOT CHARGE BROKERAGE but They charge 20%-25% extra on rent from the tenants on a recurring monthly basis. They become the mediator and fix deals with the owners directly. So, ultimately YOU end up paying way more higher than a usual brokerage of ONE TIME payment.

You must have seen owners posting in social media platforms saying “NO brokers please”, however they are the same people calling the tolet services in the city or the to let office nearby them for updating about their properties and its vacancy.

A Personal Note to the visitors:

I will request you to ask a owner what bad experience they have had and the reason for them to post as “No brokers allowed”. I assure you 99% of them won’t be able to share any bad experience. It is better to inquire beforehand than to get caught up in a trap you never knew existed.

There are honest and dedicated brokers in city who make good deals for you. For those unwilling to invest the time to research the latest resources, the agent becomes even more valuable! They have excellent communication skills and solid knowledge of the housing and renting dynamics of the area hence delivering you the best possible deals.

THE CHOICE IS IN YOUR HANDS you, index finger, pointing-151415.jpg

There are owners who do not post about their properties in any social media platform or any advertising platforms, however they contact their dedicated broker only . So there is always some grounds left in the market due to which you as a tenant suffer and never get a house you deserve.

#No brokers or #No brokerage is the false hype in market due to which cities are witnessing highest hike in rental prices.

Dealing directly with owners?

 Fact : Nearly 75% of tenants are paying 25% extra than the actual rent itself. Are you one of them?

Take benefits of an honest experienced broker and SAVE MONEY.

Here is a comparison. Read the open book!

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